Documentation for Arccore Autosar Bootloader solution version 1.0.9.
Documentation for other versions of Bootloader solution is available too.


This page describes the basics of the bootloader and also gives an introduction to the features supported by the bootloader.

Bootloader types

The bootloader can be built into two different kind of bootloaders:

  • Primary Bootloader (PBL) + Secondary Bootloader (SBL)
  • Flash Bootloader (FBL). The FBL is a PBL with the SBL pre-loaded to flash.


In a PBL+SBL solution the PBL downloads the SBL to RAM. The SBL is started in RAM and then down-
loads and flashes the application.


The flash bootloader (FBL) is actually a PBL+SBL. This means that the FBL will
have a larger ROM footprint but will not have to download the SBL, since it’s already
there. When the bootloader needs to program, the entire SBL is copied from
ROM to RAM and executes from RAM.

Features of the bootloader

The bootloader is responsible for a number of things such as verifying the application
image, transfer application code from external source into internal memory.

  • It can be build as:
    • Primary bootloader
    • Secondary bootloader
    • Flash bootloader
  • ISO15765 transport protocol over can
  • ISO14229 services

    • DiagnosticSessionControl, 0x10

    • ECUReset, 0x11

    • ReadDataByIdentifier, 0x22

    • SecurityAccess, 0x27

    • CommunicationControl, 0x28

    • RoutineControl, 0x31

    • RequestDownload, 0x34

    • TransferData, 0x36

    • RequestTransferExit, 0x37

    • TesterPresent, 0x3e

    • ControlDTCSetting, 0x85

  • Supported compilers
    • Codewarrior
    • GCC
    • Diab
  • Small footprint

    • Example for MPC5606B (Diab, VLE, "-XO -Xsize-opt -g3")

      • PBL - 7.7 KByte Flash

      • SBL - 9.2 KByte RAM

      • FBL - 7.7 + 9.2 = ~17 KByte Flash

  • Supported addressing formats
    • Normal fixed addressing
  • Message area for communication with application.
  • Watchdog support
  • Supported MCUs
    • MPC5668*
    • MPC5567*
    • MPC5606S*
    • MPC5606B*
    • SPC56EL70
  • Additional features that must be implemented by customer:
    • fingerprints
    • signatures
    • eeprom support
    • Self update of PBL/FBL
      Normally done by the application not the bootloader.
    • OEM defined security levels

*) Not included in this release


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